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Working Papers:

"Return-to-Work Policies' Clawback Regime and Labor Supply in Disability Insurance Programs," with Miguel Olivo-Villabrille.  [Download IZA DP here]

"Unintended Consequences of Policy Interventions: Evidence from a Mandated Health Insurance Coverage," with Lucie Schmidt. [Download here]

Works in Progress:

"Resource Cost of Income Sheltering Behaviours and Elasticity of Taxable Income," with Robert Breunig, Shane Johnson and Miguel Olivo-Villabrille.

"Physicians Go Online: Is the Internet Changing the Supply of Healthcare? Evidence from National Broadband Network (NBN) Expansion in Australia," with Diana Contreras Suarez and Susan Mendez.

Archived Papers:

"Why Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder Have Lower Labor Supply than the Other Disability Groups?" [Download here]