Working Papers:

Works in Progress:

  • “Surfing in Australia: Internet Access and Productivity in Healthcare,” with Diana Contreras Suarez and Susan Mendez.
  • “Gender Gap in Venture Investment: Evidence from Australian Tax Data,” with Maxim Ananyev and Miguel Olivo Villabrille.
  • “Working while Unemployed? Evidence from a Work While on Claim Program in Canada,” with Adam Lavecchia, Safoura Moeeni, and Miguel Olivo-Villabrille.

Policy Reports:

  • “The Use of Digital Health Technology by Medical Practitioners: Factors Influencing Uptake and Associations with Job Satisfaction, Work-Life Balance, and Productivity,” with Anthony Scott, 2020. (Prepared for the Australian Digital Health Agency)

Archived Papers:

  • “Why Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder Have Lower Labor Supply than the Other Disability Groups?” [Download here]