Research Interests:

Empirical microeconomics with interests in Labor, Public and Health Economics.


Zaresani, Arezou, "Return-to-Work Policies and labor Supply in Disability Insurance Programs", American Economic Review (Papers and Proceedings), Forthcoming 2018. [Download here]

Zwicher, Jennifer, Arezou Zaresani and Herb Emery, "Describing Heterogeneity of Unmet needs Among Adults with a Developmental Disability: An Examination of the 2012 Canadian Survey on Disability", Research in Developmental Disabilities, Volume 65, June 2017. [Download here]

Working Papers:

Adjustment Costs and Incentives to Work: Evidence from a Disability Insurance Program. [Download here] (under review)

Why Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder Participate in Labor Force Less than Others with a Disability? [Download here(under review).

Work in Progress:

Utilization with High Out-of-Pocket Costs: Evidence from In-Vitro-Fertilization Treatmentwith Lucie Schmidt and Lindsay Tedds. [Download here]